FYI is a song by Miranda Cosgrove on her EP album, About You Now.



FYI (For Your Information)

You're a maniac but it's my decision when I say

I'm so so serious

As a heart attack, caught you in my vision

Must admit I'm not afraid of us

Hey you,

I say what I mean

I mean what I say when I say


Girls like boys, who never want to stay you see

As soon as they walk away

We step in their direction

That's OK,

Who wants to haves some guy not I

Sticking right by my side we kinda dig rejection

This is for your information.

FYI (For Your Information)

You're a lunatic, and you're on a mission

To corrupt my soul and it's all yours

I've been wanting it,

Mr. Recollection

Cause I'd rather rock that's how I roll

Hey you, you get what I mean

I mean what I say and I say

(Repeat Chorus)

I wanna be a casualty over this love

It better be worth it

I'd heard that you got some tragic darts

To pierce my heart but it's only blood

You stick on a band-aid and smile like a girlfriend should.

I'm a little nuts, guess that's why I like you

Wanna meet meet me halfway

Let's commit

Maybe both of us to the loony bin

Waving through the bars of this big bus

(Repeat Chorus)

For your information...