Drake & Josh

Drake and Josh is a TV shows about two teenage boys (Josh Peck and Drake Bell) with opposing personalities who later became step-brothers. Miranda Cosgrove starred as their little sister Megan.


The series is focused on a pair of step-brothers of opposite personalities; Drake Parker is portrayed as being a popular aspiring musician idolized by his schoolmates and able to court a countless array of beautiful girls with ease, whereas his brother Josh Nichols is depicted as being a nerdy, eccentric, awkward boy of feckless luck with dating and popularity. Residing in San Diego, California with their odd, misfortunate, geeky father; a weatherman named Walter, their loving mother Audrey, and outrageously manipulative and conniving younger sister Megan, the boys are often positioned in outrageous, typical situation comedy misadventures and obstacles that they are faced with the challenge of overcoming while also handling average teenage situations such as dating and popularity.


Main castEdit

Actors/actresses Characters
Drake Bell Drake Parker
Josh Peck Josh Nichols
Miranda Cosgrove Megan Parker
Nancy Sullivan Audrey Parker-Nichols
Jonathan Goldstein Walter Nichols

Recurring castEdit

Actors/actresses Characters Connections to Miranda Cosgrove
Alec Medlock Craig Ramirez Alec appears in iCarly at Webicon
Scott Halberstadt Eric Blonowitz Scott appears in iCarly at Webicon
Allison Scagliotti Mindy Crenshaw
Yvette Nicole Brown Helen Dubois
Jerry Trainor Crazy Steve Jerry appears in iCarly as Spencer Shay, reuniting with Miranda as Carly Shay
Jake Farrow Gavin Mitchell
Julia Duffy Linda Hayfer
Cathy Shim Leah